Compared to the rooms, lockers have a higher ratio between the wall space and aviation. Since the heat has more surface to cover, the internal temperatures of the cabinets will be lower compared to the rest of the house. This is particularly true for those poorly insulated or located along an outer wall. The traces of moisture, in this space, tend to rise and condense near the ceiling, making development of mold and mildew. Here’s how to avoid moisture in the closets in a simple and effective .

Open the cabinet doors and drawers for at least two or three hours. This simple trick will increase ventilation while the clean, maintain low humidity levels and bring the interior to a temperature close to that of the rest of the house. Then place a desiccant commercial gel containing silica or clay, inside the cabinet, preferably above the upper shelves, areas where condensation and mold is more focused. These products are specifically designed to absorb moisture in the air. Systematic one or two in each compartment of the cabinet.


If the traces of mold are very obvious, connect a night light, low wattage into an electrical outlet in the closet, and leave it on all the time. The device will increase the temperature in the cabinet, to discourage moisture and condensation, without in any way damaging the clothes. Hang a humidity meter inside the cabinet and check that the level remains below 50%. If the temperature starts to rise, place a fan in the cabinet to allow air to circulate, keeping the doors open.

Make a simple homemade anti-mildew. Take oranges and allow to dry completely, putting them in a room in complete darkness for 30-40 days. When you are ready, cover their surface with cloves. Han citrus fruit with a ribbon to the carrying rods clothes. Moisture will not form and you will also have a great scent. Attention to the drawers: remove old coatings and replacing it with one just purchased. Avoid the paper, which attracts mold, preferring the plastic and synthetic fibers. As soon as possible, ventilate the whole cabinet, taking also wide open the doors and windows of the room .