Believe it or not, fences do not have to be boring. It can actually be a great way to spruce up the exterior of a home while also improving security. There are countless ways to make a fence stylish regardless of its traditional steel fencing or made from something quirky like old sheet metal.

Of course, it is important not to forsake substance for style when it comes to fencing. After all, a fence that does not create a barrier or stop people from easily entering the home is a bit pointless. Be sure to keep that in mind when considering these awesome fence ideas to create your ideal home.


Create a pattern

Wood fencing can be somewhat plain if one plank is simply connected to another around the property. However, it is possible to use some neat patterning techniques to create a wood fence that really stands out. Some homeowners opt for a slatted wood fence that can be used to effectively create a barrier while others try to craft a checkerboard effect with the timbers. Be sure that whatever pattern is used, it allows for enough privacy. Even something as simple as a lattice pattern on the top of classic wooden fencing can add some much needed pizzazz to a home.

Use unexpected materials

Have a lot of wine bottles or old skis lying around? Incorporate them as part of the fence. While an entire fence made up of old wine bottles is probably a bad idea, using them to decorate a steel fence can give it some much needed personality and help in the creation of a dream home. Even something seen as junk to some people, like old doors, can be used as fencing.

Custom gates

Adding custom gates to a fencing setup can give it a little touch of elegance that makes a house the envy of the entire neighbourhood. For example, Victorian gates for pedestrian and driveway entrances can give a home a chic vintage apperance. Steel gates can be customised to ensure whatever look a homeowner is going for, the fencing and gates match it. A fencing expert such as Tek Gate can supply steel fencing and custom gates to match anything a homeowner can dream up.

Use infill fencing

Some homeowners like the idea of having a brick or concrete fence, but don’t want the massive walls to block out the sun. One workaround to this problem is to use infill fencing. This allows brick or other materials to be used for the base and pillars while steel fencing fills in the areas in between each post. This hybrid look can create additional curb appeal while increasing a home’s value in the process.

When it comes to home fencing, don’t be afraid to try something different. A dream home should be just that, the house someone has dreamed up. Don’t accept boring fencing and gates when there are countless ways to make these stylish. Take time to see what options are available and then speak with a fencing expert who can make it happen.