With homes being built on smaller and smaller lots addictions to make room for growing families can be challenging. However, it is possible to create very usable space under the floor of the home. B2R Basement Conversions and Cellar Conversions offers the following information on converting an unfinished basement to a warm and inviting living area.

Building Codes

Any remodelling of an existing basement should follow current building codes. These codes are in existence to ensure safety for home occupants. With the cost of the conversion, it is likely the project will require one or more permits from local authorities before it begins. Following these rules ensures the addition is legal and allows the owner to increase the value of the home at the time or resale.


One of the primary concerns of many homeowners is waterproofing. If the unfinished basement has a moisture problem, this must be addressed before any other work is done. Waterproofing is best done from the outside. Products applied to the inside of the walls are only a temporary fix and will eventually begin leaking if the hydraulic pressure is high enough. There are several systems that are designed to divert water that does make it into the basement through channels surrounding the room to a sump where it can be safely pumped away. Sump pumps also are effective when placed in wells at reducing the hydraulic pressure and decreasing the chances of leaks.

As with other living spaces, insulation can help to ensure the space remains at a comfortable temperature. While fibreglass or rock wool works well above ground, the moisture that condenses on cold concrete will cause this material to grow mold and rot. Extruded polystyrene, either in the form of sheets or applied directly to the concrete is often the best choice.


While homeowners enjoy carpet above ground, it is not always the best choice for basements. However, waterproof carpet tiles are available that can survive a minor flood. Perhaps an even better choice would be waterproof tiles applied to the floor that make for easy cleanup if a flood occurs.

Natural Lighting

One of the challenges of many basements is providing natural lighting. Windows are often the least expensive option, but may not be available in some homes. Light tubes allow sunlight to reflect from the surfaces of the tubes into the room. In addition, electrical lighting can be used to supplement any natural lighting provided.

B2R Basement Conversions and Cellar Conversions can help homeowners with any of these decisions. The company has experience in making these types of conversions. They have transformed many dark, wet basements or cellars into an enjoyable place to spend time with the family.