One of the most basic rules of decoration is the one that says that there is never space left. Something they know very well people who live in flats of few square meters. If you are one of them, today’s article interests you a lot. In here, we have selected all those basic and essential parts mini flats.

mini floors

Multi functional furniture

Furniture that has no place in different rooms and can fulfill more than one function is a very good option in mini apartments. We refer for example to the stools and poufs. An improvised extra seat so that when the visits come and an auxiliary table where it is necessary: ​​next to the armchair or the sofa or even as a bedside table.

Tables nest

The nest tables are other indispensable pieces in the mini floors. We can hide them one under another and so we use only a table or we can extend them and have by magic a large table if we receive unexpected visits or we are the whole family around the TV.

Furniture with interior storage

Furniture that conceals interior storage should not be missing in a floor of a few square meters. A good example is the trundle bed or ottoman or bench with storage space inside. The lack of space in the closets forces us to look for alternatives to keep our clothes but without having to overload the environment with furniture and shelves. For this reason, the beds with give us a splendid space.

Shelves and shelves

Another detail that we often overlook at home is the vertical order. The walls are a good extra space for small accessories with which we can also decorate, such as books movies, etc. In this sense, shelves are a great solution. So do not hesitate to take advantage of the height of the walls by placing shelves and shelves all over the wall. Reserve the highest levels for the things you barely use and place the items you use most shelves at your fingertips.

Custom made furniture

If your budget allows you, the custom furniture is useful on the mini floors. We all have at home some corner that is difficult to furnish because we did not find the piece that best suits that space. In these cases, the custom made furnishings allow us to take advantage of all the meters available adapting perfectly to our needs.

Extending furniture

Other furniture, on the other hand, seems to make magic: we refer to the extensible furniture that hide surprises inside. Extendable dining tables are highly recommended in floors mini. Because in our day to day we do not need such a large table except if we are a large family. Therefore, we will only have to extend the table when we receive a visit for example at Christmas, Easter or in summer.

Folding Furniture

It is also advisable to have folding pieces such as chairs or side tables at home. This type of furniture is usually more frequent outside. However, they can have many other uses in the home.

Built-in wardrobes with sliding doors

Finally, here also recommend the wardrobes from floor to ceiling and a wall similar to the color. In this way, the cabinets are perfectly integrated in the decoration, going completely unnoticed. If you want to optimize the space, even more opt for sliding doors.