Comes from Iran, is refined and elegant but also simple and graceful foliage: ivy is a climbing plant that often sits on a wall outside with the purpose of beautifying a home, it is usually of houses in the country, but also apartments used for tourism, such as the B & B. In any case, whatever the purpose, beautify an exterior wall with ivy means you have good taste and means a little commitment to ensure that the plant is healthy and lush.

To beautify the exterior wall with ivy must first of all take care of in an appropriate manner and pay attention to the right time for his transplant. As it is a plant that blooms every fall, you need to report in the spring every two or three years and it is very important to place it in pots ranging from ten to twenty inches in diameter, this is because as the ivy creeper par excellence, can reach up to thirty meters high. It may be advisable to contact the florist of trust, which, according to the plant species will indicate the right mixture of soil and clay.


Also in the spring months you can also dedicate its pruning: taking into account that the ivy blooms in autumn, needs a lot of light but also not too harsh climates, not below seven degrees. When the air is too dry and humid as in the summer months, tends to suffer, for this reason it is advisable to monitor the temperature during the hottest periods, because if it goes beyond the eighteen-degree water, it is necessary to moisten it and, more preferably in the evening hours, when the weather is cooler.

Must also take account of the fact that the compost must be always wet. To have a wall with ivy healthy and shining in the autumn it is important to invigorate with fertilizer and water for watering at least once a month. Instead of winter should be limited watering, but rather to monitor soil moisture and only if it is too dry you can proceed with his pruning, but always in limited quantities . The ivy will cover the wall or the wall, however, with its aerial roots that take root on the wall reproducing. Account must be taken of the fact that should be treated (with the actions written in the previous steps), to make it expand and present that always leaves bright and especially healthy!