Lots of people experience living in one room at some point in their lives. It might be because they leave home to go to university and live in student accommodation, or they may fall on hard times and need somewhere to stay until their fortunes improve.

Today we will cover bedsit decorating ideas for our stunning design home. Hopefully it will be very much helpful for your bedsit decorating at home.

Just because you live in one room, doesn’t mean you should surround yourself with anything but the best when it comes to furnishings and decor. Of course, you must ask the landlord before you throw their things out of the window. If you agree to leave all of the improvements you make in place, you will find them open to your idea.


Here are my suggestions to create a stunning room where you can entertain your friends and live comfortably.

Furniture Matters

You will see in the image that a built-in unit is perfect for a small room. It can feature a small desk, a place for your television, some cupboards, and some bookshelves for your CD collection. They are not difficult to build, but you must have skill to make it look fantastic. Most people have a relative who is handy at carpentry and who enjoys a challenge. Ask them to measure up your room and see if they can create some custom-made cabinets.

The bed is the most important item of furniture, but it is also the one that takes up the most space. Modern sofa beds are attractive and functional units that are ideal for your room. In the day, you can fold it away and have a comfortable sofa to serve your needs. The room will seem more spacious if there isn’t a bed on display.

Colour Scheme

Designers tend to shy away from dark colors in a small room, and you probably should too. Think about neutral shades because you can change the way they appear in the evenings with different lighting techniques.

The latest wallpaper murals look fantastic in a modern setting, so consider making a feature wall out of one of the designs. There are thousands from which to choose, or you can upload a photograph or image yourself. The printer sections the image and prints onto the paper, so it comes together when you stick it to the wall.

Window Dressing ideas

If you are going for a modern theme, you should consider blinds as a solution to your window dressings. There is a vast range and something to suit every room. Do you prefer vertical, roller, or venetian units? There are other styles too, so research them online to find the perfect product.


Don’t hang too many pictures on the walls of your room or it will start to look cluttered. Less is more in this situation, so use only a few of your favourite pieces.


Some people would recommend laminate flooring, especially where students are in residence, but it is a cold surface. There are plenty of modern designs to attract you to carpets these days. They used to be dull and boring, or feature old-fashioned patterns, but that is not the case now. You can have a space age design and the warmth of carpet all in one.

As you can see, bedsit life can be stylish. Just apply the same features you would in a spacious apartment, but on a small scale. It’s easy when you know how!

-Thanks a lot for reading my article “Bedsit decorating ideas for stunning design home”. Hope read and enjoy!