The installation of artificial grass Phoenix AZ is definitely the perfect alternative to natural grass in places where the weather conditions do not allow their natural growth, in situations where maintenance is expensive; or when, in sports facilities, a greater number of hours of use is also required. The significant water savings, minimum maintenance required conservation, and considerable cost savings and time involved the option of artificial turf, make it one of the most popular outdoor flooring today. Artificial turf Turfgrass, meets the advantageous properties of any type of synthetic grass, also incorporating important attributes to make its facilities make a difference.

Benefits of artificial grass
Saving water is the main problem which solves the installation of artificial turf and the main advantageous feature that differentiates it from life. The use of synthetic grass in places where rainfall is low, contributes directly to the conservation of the environment and also leads to cost savings.

Turfgrass understands the importance of this right and manufactured under compliance with the ISO-14000 , consuming up to 100% less water during the production process.


Installation of decorative artificial turf is fast, simple and always when the ground is level and ready for proper drainage of water (irrigation, rain …) Turfgrass still makes it easier with convenient handling and transport of rolls of low weight, optimum adaptation of the pieces of turf uneven terrain, and the perfect and indefinite sticking together due to their excellent adhesion to the bicomponent glues . All this thanks to its Polyurethane base.

Artificial turf Turfgrass no mess, as its threads are manufactured by extrusion and the color is intrinsic. Furthermore, the product consist of small holes in the bottom, water drains effectively without the surface to puddle or smearing.

Turfgrass Artificial turf is antiallergic and fireproof given the composition of materials. Quality Certificates and accredited laboratories confirmed.

Turfgrass selects the most innovative fibers of the market from prestigious thread manufacturers worldwide, and designs its products thoroughly to achieve maximum realism. Apart from an amazing visual aspect, Turfgrass artificial turf in their product provides very similar to natural grass thanks to its soft polyethylene fibers sensations.

The reuse of artificial turf Turfgrass is possible, and also once the lifetime of the product, Polyurethane finish allows Turfgrass artificial grass is 100% recyclable, transforming into various products for practical use such as pots, pallets or various mixtures for civil engineering. Turfgrass produces fewer resources and less waste, constantly improving their manufacturing processes to minimize their impact on the environment.