From here, we give our most sincere congratulations! In addition, certainly, this will be the best experience of your life. Even the gestation period is nice! Of course, you should keep you going, since before the child reaches the world you will have it all pointed. One of the things you should do is preparing your room. We recommend you do it in the second quarter. To lend a hand with this task, today we talk about one of the most important aspects.


Yes, you are right we are referring to the colors, which have a great influence on the perception of space and the mood of both babies and parents. What you should consider when making this decision is that the colors will help you achieve a warm atmosphere that invites relaxation. You want to discover some of the best colors to decorate the baby’s room. Well do not miss anything of what we tell you then!


As I just discussed, it is important that the room newborn is warm and relaxing. Therefore, it is preferable that bet on light colors, because dark have too much character. In this sense, white is perfect as also will help to expand the space visually and fill the room with light. You can use it on walls, furniture, textiles. Yes, it is recommended that you add brushstrokes in other colors so that the room is not too cold or boring.

We know that that pink is for girls and blue for boys has passed into history but if you want to give, a feminine touch to the room is an excellent idea to go for the roses. In fact, you can combine different shades of this color in the room giving priority to the tones clear. You can also combine roses with other shades especially white raw or wood tones.

Of course, with blue also you can achieve fantastic results, especially considering that this is a tremendously colored relaxing. Of course, keep in mind that this is also a cold color so it is advisable to add a touch of warmth something you can get for example wood elements. In addition, although the blue combines perfectly with white if you want a warmer stay it is preferable that you combine with cream tones.

On the other hand, we want to mention that the neutrals are highly recommended to paint the room newborns. Before you have set the example of white, but you can also choose colors like gray, beige, earth, cream. Ideally, you choose one of these colors as a base and add brushstrokes in other colors. The only neutral color that will not recommend is the black although a room in black and white can be spectacular.

Finally, we speak of warm colors, which are also recommended to decorate the baby’s room. Yes, it is important to treat soft versions. In addition, it is preferable that you avoid red, a color too stimulating. If you want to use, it had better be in small doses. Clear warm colors are recommended for little bright and cold rooms because they provide light and provide an atmosphere of warmth.