There are less than two months to the most cheerful and most colorful season of all…it’s time for a spring season! Sun and higher temperatures will allow us to spend more time outside, which means that actually we should put our gardens in use. This is the time when all DIY lovers will get into crafty mood to make some amazing projects for their backyards and balconies. If you’re one of them, then you’re on the right page! Crafley. Com has gathered best DIY backyard projects just for you! Check out our list and pick one of these projects which will be on your agenda for the next weekend. Be ready for the spring on time!

Simple DIY Backyard Projects Planter Hangers

diy backyard projects

Display your flowers in the best way by creating simple DIY planter hangers by yourself! All you need is a spoon and some colorful flowers! Get in the mood for DIY backyard projects and create something unique and inspirational!

DIY Outdoor Stacked Stone Fireplace

diy backyard projects

Make your garden a cozier place where you’ll enjoy to spend every single moment with your loved ones. To get that feeling, create stacked stone fireplace on your own and be proud of yourself and your DIY skills!

Old Bathtub Transformed Into Coffee Table

diy backyard projects

We simply adore this project, because it easy to make, but very practical at the same time…not to mention how wonderful it is! So if you have some old bathtub, don’t throw it away and transform it into coffee table! Enjoy your free time!

Easy DIY Backyard Hammock

Spend yous summer days by reading a book in a cheerful backyard hammock that you can create by yourself! Find all the supplies that are required and click here for more informations and instructions!

DIY Pallet Daybed

diy backyard projects

Save some money and create a fancy peace of furniture by using old wood, which is probably taking dust in your basement. Here is a project with instructions for making pallet daybed that will embellish your garden, that’s for sure!

DIY Garden Swing

diy backyard projects

Touch the lights of sun by lying in a wooden swing which can be created with your own hands. It’s a very good option for your backyard or your balcony! So, get in the mood for DIY projects and make a nice furniture!