Vacuum cleaner is a device to give multiple passes to end the dirt. Keeping apartment clean is an extremely complicated task. There are sledge-type vacuums like this Big Ball Multi floor Plus. We bring you today powerful enough to get it. What are my opinions about the Big Ball Multi floor plus sledge vacuum? The first thing to note about this sledge vacuum cleaner is its extraordinary suction power. It translates into a cleaning of your optimal floor.

Vacuum cleaner

You can get quality results you have the type of floor you have in your house. It has also managed to obtain the best possible rating type A in terms of energy efficiency. Something more and more consumers are requesting. It translates into significant energy savings. It weighs 7 kg and its noise emission level is 85 dB. To begin with, it has a very long handle. Therefore, you can reach far corners with less effort. Not have to bend over when you are using it. The cable is also long so you do not have to be plugging in and unplugging constantly.

This vacuum cleaner like other brands is that if it falls on the floor it straightens itself up without having to lift it. The main comfort that incorporates is that it has no bag. This to making you does not have to buy spare parts. Makes emptying easier and much more hygienic. It is enough to press a button. Neither do you have to spend time nor money on filters. On the other hand, it is a brand of first level and very extended. It implies an efficient technical service and easy to obtain spare parts. This is also evident in the guarantee, which for this model extends to 5 years.

Review after buying the Big Ball Multi floor Plus sledge vacuum

When you see this vacuum cleaner, the first thing that strikes you is its beautiful design modern as well as elegant. To others, I do not know if it will be for that of the sixth sense. One immediately realizes that it is a quality product, made with first class materials. It is not with cheap plastic like some cheaper vacuum cleaners. It is not extremely heavy, like many sledge-type vacuums. On the other hand, if it falls, something that I think has happened to all of us, straightens itself up.

Other aspects that increase your comfort are on the one hand. That handled very well. It is very easy to dodge furniture and decorative objects without making adventures and without fear of breaking anything. The handle of the Big Ball Multi floor plus is long and articulated allowing reaching any corner without any difficulty. On the other hand, your filter does not need spare parts. Therefore, you will not have to worry about going to buy them.

You will not need spare parts of the bags either. Because you do not have any and this is one of your main virtues. Instead of the usual bag, it has a tank that empties very easily. Hygienically just by pressing a button. You will not have to touch the dust at any time. Going to what matters, the suction capacity of this vacuum cleaner is incredible. The cleaning results obtained are extraordinary, giving less passes than with other vacuum cleaners of the competition. Do not forget that this vacuum cleaner designed to work on all types of floors. Therefore, you can take advantage of its power in both hard floors and carpets, for example.