We love the wood! It is one of the warmest and most beautiful natural materials in the world. In addition, in floors of the house it looks especially good, both inside and outside. Today we present the wooden floors to the terrace most beautiful. If you are looking for a good pavement outside areas of your home, do not leave aside considering that wood is delicate and very resistant.

wooden floors

Today we will show you all the advantages of wood floors to terrace. Sure, you will love. One of the reasons why we love the wood floors also on the terrace or garden is the feeling of warmth they transmit. Wood is a very comfortable material on the outside as it is warm in winter and cool in summer. To me a brilliant solution helps us to live further the terrace.

Choosing wood flooring for the balcony

But comfort and beauty are not the only advantages that have wooden floors. It is very important to note that this type of pavements outside is very resistant. There woods able to withstand inclement weather most adverse, intense sunlight or moisture. Everything depends on the type of wood you choose. The variety of types, colors and textures is another advantage with wooden floors to the terrace. Therefore, we find the perfect alternative for all styles.

High strength and durability

It is true that not all woods are suitable for installation in outdoor areas, but if you choose the right, you will have no problem. In addition, there are treatments capable of strengthening the conditions of the wood and improve their resistance. It can give the wood a treatment chemical type autoclave to get much tougher. Thus, considerably improve their conditions to withstand external agents. However, there is also the option to treat the wooden floor with special shields that get better support the intense sun, moisture or drastic temperature changes.

Very easy to install

This is another advantage of choosing wood floors to the terrace. Installation of wooden flooring is quite simple, in either strips or tile format. One way to install wood is as laminated flooring batten. This method of attachment has the added advantage of isolating the floor, leveled if necessary and dampens noise enough. It fits all formats. The wooden parts usually attached to the base. With this I do not mean you have to install yourself the wooden floor on your terrace, but if you are a repairperson sure you can do it right. The fact that it is easy to place affects the price that can have this type of facility. In this case, it is not expensive because of the complexity of the work.

The most suitable types of wood

We know that wood is a material that includes many varieties, but when we talk pavement outside, the possibilities are significantly reduced. Please note that we have to choose hardwoods and especially resistant to moisture.