If you are thinking of giving your home a fresher and more modern look, you cannot miss the decorating trends that are causing a rage. This application, which has saved us more than once when we were lacking in inspiration, will be your best ally this winter. The trends of decoration world is full of new interior design and architecture. That will help you to know what is best for your style. Here are some ideas.

trends of decoration

The star element of trends is undoubtedly velvet now more known as velvet. This elegant fabric will give your home a very chic roll not to mention how comfortable and pleasant it is to touch. You can use it both to cover your cushions and to sleep warmly on a soft velvet bedspread. A rose that is between a pastel tone and chewing gum will transport you to the city of love. This trends of decoration is giving many tips. Because this winter you will not see a millennial who does not wear any garment of this color. We recommend that you combine it with broken targets or clear tones so as not to burden the environment.


If you bring a guest home, we assure you that it will be hanging by you. That another trend that is hitting very hard on is the things that hang from the ceiling. You can find from armchairs in the purest galactic style, to white lights and garlands with shapes.

In the middle of the jungle

Another of the most popular decoration trends on these tips is to fill your house with plants and more plants. If you decide to join this fashion also called greenery, you will feel like Jane waiting for your Tarzan. Without a doubt, the favorites of the millennial are the cactus combined with fresh and colorful flowers. Remember green is the new black.

African mood

The latest trend that we bring you is the so-called mud cloth. It is a genre that has its origin in Africa and is used both in cushion and carpet fabrics, as well as for decorating vases. This type of decoration will give your home a tribal and homelike roll. You can search for a photo to inspire you and get more ideas.