In this guide we will see how to build exterior walls. Exterior wall is important for any house. Security is mainly depends on the exterior wall. So we should be very careful to build this wall. We’re talking about a work of masonry. It is a complicated job but not over the top. With this guide will be able to realize all exterior walls. I’ll try to explain this in the simplest way possible.


Everything there is to make a difference between the walls: walls and partitions of buffer that is, partitions (walls inside a house or building, generally about 10 cm) and (walls that define the perimeter of the housing, thicker than 30 cm, and with an insulation, acoustic and thermal energy, in the latter is what we both started today, there is another small detail to be specified, that is, the desire to build a infill wall, the difference is that a wall looks more like a partitioned, why should not isolate acoustically

Masonry wall that is a more solid and expensive in terms of money, but it can take many forms will be interesting really needed bricks (I’m already seen, but you do not know the name) and cement or mortar, preferably cement, they are called ligands and are applied after each floor of brick, the interesting thing about this type of wall, is that eventually you can leave it as is (aesthetically very bad) or pass the ‘plaster (a kind of white paste which hardens wiping, and that goes to make smooth your wall) or even with binders which can paste anything, such as panels of marble, granite, or with the same blocks of stone, drawing abstract patterns on the plaster and a construction is done in the same way as the dry stone walls, with the difference of the ligands, to be applied on top of each row of bricks with the use a trowel or putty knife (I prefer Dispense according 2 at the same time, having created the various plans with the fresh concrete between floors, you will need to wait at least half a day, to start plastering or landscaping of the wall.