The construction of “do it yourself” to a tennis court requires a minimum knowledge base in the field of construction and the use of materials of good quality that safeguard the integrity of the structure over the years. In this guide, we will describe how to build a tennis court in their own garden, giving you the opportunity to practice this sport without moving from home with friends and family.

To build a tennis court in the garden you have to choose an appropriate site, which should be flat and not adjacent to the house, so as not to disturb during the phases of the game. The rectangular area devoted to the structure, must have a minimum length of 34 meters and a minimum width of 17 because in addition to regulation size field (23,77 x 10,97 meters) must be included the buffer zones, which are essential for the normal development of the game.


When you have located the area, the next step is choosing the flooring, which will influence the subsequent stages of construction. Particularly convenient is the choice of a gaming floor of porous concrete, a material that allows a rapid absorption of rainwater and is more resistant to weather phenomena. In any case, any type of flooring (concrete, grass or clay) requires a base medium, consisting of a specific type of ballast, surrounded by a concrete wall containment.

After the completion of the ballast must be applied by the laying of the paving slabs of porous concrete blocks, arranged on two levels. Between a slab and the other, also, you should enter specific thermal expansion joints that will safeguard the integrity of the structure in response to temperature changes. The field can then be Enclosed by installing a network.

The last step is to paint the field and in the tracing of lines of play. Before starting the coating, it is appropriate to define the areas to be painted with different colors, by application of adhesive tape at the points where they will be subsequently drawn lines game. In this way, the bands are separated with respect to the side and bottom of the playing central. You can start to paint the pavement, using color-based resins. Once the paint dried, then you draw the white lines of the game, using the guides of adhesive tape, applied previously. Finally, you will install the two support poles and the network of game that will divide the field into two equal halves.