In this guide we provide you with some tips on how to build a wooden sofa. The technique of DIY is increasingly used, both to save that to put in place their own creativity. This activity can be used to create a variety of objects, and also various accessories especially for the home.

For the realization of a wooden sofa, we start first from a sketch, should be indicated where measures and design of the structure, after which it is necessary to bring the raw material, choosing between different types, such as beech or ash. In addition, we need some tools for DIY wood, including the circular saw, electric drill, screws and glue. When the work is completed, you then decide on the type of upholstery used to coat the sofa.


The saw is the first tool to be used to adjust the shapes and the length of the pieces of wood, to those determined by our project. To assemble the structure, just join the tables initially by 1.90X0.70 m with two sides by 1.50X1.00 me that form the arms of the sofa. The screws are then required together with glue to hold together the various pieces once shaped and cut. At this point, the supports are to be fixed in the wood on which we support the central panels, which will support the weight of the mattress cover. Once aligned media and power strips, we take a panel (the largest) and we place it on the back of the structure, which acts as a back and is fastened with screws at the bottom. At this point, the construction of a wooden sofa with the technique of DIY, you can consider finished, so we can devote to finishing and cover with cloth.

To make the very comfortable sofa, the wooden back timberland agrees with the same material of the base, instead for the cushions, you may purchase the soft kapok, which returns also useful for the armrests. As for the padding that will go on the slats, the advice is to use a simple mattress, not to double, which you can snap into position, and then secure it without definitively if we were to change his mind. In order to better understand and address the technical realization of sin mentioned here, just refer to the attached photos in order to have a clearer idea about the creation of a custom sofa, and built their own with such creativity and imagination.