Building a covered terrace space is not simple: what materials you have to choose?, Do we need a building permit? We have to consider many things to regret not following the decisions taken. Repurchases.

Not to forget the formalities

The building permit is required in order to build a covered terrace of more than 20 m². In the event that less than the measure, only need a simple statement of work. Also check the rules of ownership have authorization to build the space and to declare the insurance.

The best material for the structure

stay No matter you want to expand, either the kitchen or the living room with materials that work should be chosen taking into account aesthetic, technical and financial. The possibilities are:

Aluminum: is used in 90% of cases because it is strong, light and durable. It is very easy to maintain and is in hundreds of colors. However, with regard to isolation, the results are somewhat disappointing.

PVC: is cheap and limits condensation facilitates the isolation and therefore energy savings. Just one catch: his aging badly.


Wood: is a noble material, cozy and timeless that is well suited to traditional homes. Its thermal insulation and sound is patent. Our advice, if you choose the wood, is to opt for an exotic, with good references and tougher.

The windows

To ensure perfect insulation is always better to be double. The current trend is to use the double glazing insulating gas such as argon. As regards the roof, there are three possibilities:


Though its aesthetics, which is a heavy material requires a very strong support structure. The isolation, leaves much to be desired, especially in summer. And besides, the brightness is sometimes excessive.

polycarbonate panels

are extremely insulating regulate light into heat preserved in summer and in winter. However, age very badly over time.

opaque Plates

On sunny days are a very good thermal insulation. However, these white patches do not let too much light, or the natural or the adjacent rooms. As for aesthetics: no comment.

Where is the heat?

Before rushing have to think about the location of the gallery.
Tips: Avoid direct it towards the west (too hot in summer) or north (little sun). Best orientals completely south, if you live in the north or east / south, if you live in the south, to enjoy the best hot conditions at any time of year. And as you also have to enjoy a minimum of comfort, think of heating: electric it if you will not use much the gallery. If you regularly attend, opts for central heating.