Today, with tools, you can enjoy a video surveillance system through an IP camera. Choose this type of surveillance camera requires taking into account certain criteria. Thus, we must take into consideration elements such as camera model, applications, etc.

Different models of IP cameras monitoring

There are a variety of models of IP camera surveillance and each model has a different characteristic. It was a choice between models outside or inside. The choice of one or the other will define other criteria to consider in choosing the IP camera surveillance. In fact, account must be taken of the ability of the camera to adjust the brightness and also withstand various weather. For an external model, for example, a camera iris to automatic or manual is better. Also, outdoor models can withstand temperature variations thanks to their waterproof body. As for indoor models, they are similar to computers webcam. Some other models can have nocturnal images of this quality and without any light. In this case, you must opt ​​for a light intensifier camera, or thermal vision to near infrared. Other IP surveillance cameras unlike conventional models do turn on in case of movement in front of the camera lens. It is even possible with accurate models receive an email alert when motion detection by the camera. Today, thanks to mobile technology, images of IP camera surveillance can be received on his mobile phone. Also, the handling of the camera just to get away especially with motorized cameras.


Choosing an IP camera surveillance fixed or motorized

The purchase of an IP camera surveillance application therefore to make a choice between two types of cameras: the motorized camera or mobile and fixed camera. With a fixed camera, no displays the images one point while with the motorized camera, you can see several views and more along three axes: zoom, vertical and horizontal. Also, the camera can also be autonomous, which prevents it from functioning at any time or otherwise connected to a PC. With IP cameras monitoring, the choice can be made between viewing images or broadcast. When it is desired to transmit video for yourself, you can view the images from any Web browser. So that if you want to show to others, we must incorporate images within web pages. Thus, in this latter case, the choice of a mobile camera is required. Also, it is useful to determine if you want to control the camera by surfers. In this case, it is necessary to choose a live video server that is suitable for such use.

Practical criteria for selecting an IP camera surveillance

Surveillance IP cameras do not have all the same functions. Thus, it is important to have cameras that have certain characteristics. The camera must therefore provide the ability to save images to a computer or other device. Images of the IP camera must be good quality, and that quality is determined by the resolution of the camera display. A good camera resolution is 640 x 480 mega pixels, while a high image resolution is 704 x 576 mega pixels. The resolution can be very high in this case, it reaches 1280 x 720 or 1600 x 1200 megapixels. Ranges and prices therefore vary depending on the use you want to do for the camera.

Applications of IP surveillance cameras

CCTV IP network provides access to various applications. We have the ability to view, in real time and especially 24h/24h, records video surveillance of his home, his business or his business. The cameras are equipped with applications to visually visit his home, or to receive an audible alarm which is triggered automatically, for example in his business or in his shop. Can be due to IP surveillance cameras, view and manage a fixed number of companies, shops or business. Some IP cameras provide surveillance of mobility options. With these, you can easily access and control the camera from the smartphone or PDA regardless of where you are.