What a gift: a laser level to high-end three beams. Decidedly, Santa spoiled me. And I took advantage, effective January 2, center the chandelier in the dining room from the family table. Then I placed the last world, I had a look on doors kitchen cabinet. It’s been weeks since my wife tells me she is tired of melamine. So I chose to revamp. After releasing my tools, I had to observe the existing doors to find them a new style. Then I looked at the hinges. Why? The answer is simple. With external hinges, so apparent, all possibilities are offered to me. However, with concealed hinges, I will have a certain distance (usually 2 ¼ inches or 2 ½ inches) to prevent harm to trim the doors open. And many make this mistake.

Style ‘shaker’

To style “shaker” to your cabinet doors, several options available to you. You can add moldings, completely break your doors using a router or make patterns in melamine. With us, like the kitchen cabinets are three distinct sections, I chose to use three techniques. Add woodwork : for this, is simple. Simply go to the hardware store to select one or more models, then take off your doors. Whatever the chosen moldings, flat or with reasons, you must place them in a straight line, even if only to maintain the style. Paste and use needles to keep everything in place. Remove the center of your door : you can replace it with plexiglass opaque or transparent, or even thinner in the center panel.


# After designing a template straight, remove the center of your cabinet doors using a router and a wick-like “flute”.
# Then go back to every door in the back a encavure.

The latter let you attach your new decorative panel. Obviously, this must be the same depth as that of the panel that you install, for a neater finish.

# Using a file, remove the parts in each corner rounder, to respect the style. If you chose to fill the interior with a wood panel, you’re ready to paste.
# Use of wood glue and ½ inch needle to secure the two pieces together.
# Each panel can be decorated with a stencil-like pattern, paper hanging, or even painted the same color as your door, or a complementary color. Express yourself!
# If you have opted for frosted or smoked Plexiglas, more expensive, stick it securely with silicone. Simply put your door horizontally and wait 24 hours.
# If you want to save, make a simple glass of prune slightly larger hole in your door and attach the glass with silicone. Then cover the inner face of the glass with a self-adhesive film (type Mactac). To avoid air bubbles, spread a net of dish washing liquid (or liquid cleanser like Windex) on your window before placing the film. Allow to dry.

Tip : to ensure a better finish to the inside of your door melamine breakthrough, cover the sides of a band of singing. It will be much easier to paint.

Type finish paneling : if you want a finish that looks like wood paneling on your cabinet doors, make a template and use a router bit like “flute” or “arrowhead”. Work slowly, but not “burn” the wood, and a straight line. If you wish, have deeper grooves.

Tip : sand well each groove and use a brush to spread generously artist painting. Otherwise, inside the groove will be rough. You can also completely remove the door and keep only the box, to get a crib.

For wooden doors

You are tired of seeing your cabinet doors in oak, with or without diamond tips? Use the same techniques as those previously seen or cut a piece of HDF to fill the center of your door, or attach it to the style “shaker” reversed. Again, you can completely remove the door to create a crib. Others opt for new doors made of MDF or HDF (higher density). If you feel like it, you can even download the stairs of an old hardwood staircase to make cabinet doors. You will then soar, then use a “shaper” (a grinder) to a groove tongue and groove. In short, unleash your imagination.