The carpet is able to give that little bit extra, that elegance and the care environment, that once you try it is impossible to leave. Unfortunately, being a type of carpet is not a rare thing that is dirty. Its washing is therefore a very important thing, both as regards the elimination of dirt, that for the eventual formation of mites and dust. How then can we wash our carpet? Let’s see, with this simple and short guide how to clean it without turn to various specialists, and especially without putting your hands in your hair!


First of all we must understand that having a carpet is still a commitment, so every day we use a carpet cleaner and dust mites. That said, let’s see how to remove stains stains. To clean our carpets we use a well-known method, called Bonnet: we must arm ourselves with a single brush with the slope specific (that we can find in special shops), made ​​in such a way that when they are gone, they’re going to rotate on the surface, removing so easily all the dirt that is on the very top layer. This type of stain removal should not be any way to heal only the outer layer of our “carpet”, but also the internal one. It is important to emphasize that this approach should be used primarily when we begin to observe a particular color difference in the texture of the fabric in the most used.

After spotting method Bonnet we must continue our cleansing lather going to our carpet. Also in this case we have to use the devices, given the sensitivity of the surface; then will use a neutral product (shampoo and water, for example), so as to create a compact form that will have a low moisture content. At this point we can go to remove the dirt, you will be annoyed with the carpet cleaner. After this second step we use a special brush, and comb the carpet under the correct leadership of the fabric.

Having soapy carpet is obvious that now we will have to conduct a wash and rinse everything well targeted, so as to finish our cleaning for good. Note: If our surface is wool or jute bottom will not be able to wash this way, we must instead use a detergent made ​​specially to have a quick and stain action that does not create too much foam, to be injected directly on the carpet.