The rug is a real piece of furniture in the house and in the rooms where you spend a lot of free time, like the living room, can definitely give a touch of elegance and make you more comfortable and welcoming environment. Choosing the right carpet for your living room is however well weighted according to the function it will perform in harmony with the style of furniture.

Functions of the carpet

The carpet, in addition to being a decorative element and from aesthetic value, also plays a well-defined inside the house, especially the living room. First, a good carpet makes it more pleasant walking on the floor, especially if the tiles are too cold in winter. Moreover, if we use the carpet as an alternative sitting , maybe adding some comfortable cushion, or if we have children in the home used to playing the ground, this piece of furniture will give us comfort and warmth. At the same time, the integrity of the floor will gain, since a good sturdy belt will protect it from wear and scratches caused by foot traffic or other daily activities. Another important function of the mat is to divide the different areas of the room. In living room, you can place a large rug in their ‘ relaxation area where there are sofas and armchairs to highlight it as a separate work area, if relaxation areas are more than one can be chosen carpets of different sizes to distinguish them.

Last but obviously not least, the aesthetic function . known to the carpet, especially if valuable and enriched by elegant decor , is able to complement the style of furniture, and to enrich the atmosphere of the surroundings such as the living room. In order to exploit the potential of a decorative carpet, you will then have to pair it correctly as possible with their surroundings in style and color, creating harmonious agreements or, why not, the original contrasts .

Carpet and furniture style

The types of existing carpet are numerous and diverse. It is in fact from the classic and high quality, such as those Persians, suitable for all environments, traditional carpets until you get to the most unusual and alternative such as a cowhide , according to the contexts more whimsical. Between these two extremes lie types of carpets to suit different styles, such as those with short hair , a long-haired or those made ​​of natural fibers and the ethnic style . Persian carpets, besides being undoubtedly the most elegant and precious, the carpets are best suited to a classic style and living very careful attention to detail, with costs higher than other types. For those who choose this type of carpet, Zarineh offers a wide range of valuable specimens, antique flavor but also suitable environment more modern, processed directly at the place of origin and the drawings are precious and refined. For those who want to spend a little less, but want a good carpet combined with a classic style furniture, are also fine specimens haired provided solid and soft colors like beige, gray or beige. Even the colors can be just as varied: from colors like beige and ivory, up to more vibrant colors. If the living room is furnished in a modern style instead, the carpet will be short haired and have a geometric shape precise, plain or decorated with strictly geometric. The preferred colors are the white , the black or the red on for those who want to spice up the environment more. A separate merit instead carpets for living rustic, country and ethnic or exotic character. For ethnic backgrounds, there are carpets made ​​of vegetable fibers or rough fabrics and warm colors such as brown, orange and ocher. For a living room decorated according to the canons country or country chic, shaggy rugs are perfect, long-haired, synthetic or of wool or colorful or romantic as sky blue, pink, light blue. Motta Carpets for example, makes available in its catalog products made ​​of leather, fur and a wide range of shaggy rugs, wool shaggy together with specimens in ethnic style or country.

Size and location of the carpet

In addition to style, very important when choosing a rug to put in the living room are the dimensions and some precautions about its location. For very large environments, you can also choose up to 200×290 cm carpets while in the case of very small rooms, you can not go beyond 120×170 cm. For those who prefer an average size , however, it is recommended to measure a carpet around 150×240 cm. To the placement of the carpet, will instead complied with some simple rules. First, if the carpet has decorations, it is better not to put it under tables and chairs or at least make sure that the decorations remain visible. instead to ensure a degree of safety in the home, you better make sure to keep the rug in areas of greater passage to prevent accidents and try at the same time to make it immobile. To do this, it is recommended to place on the ends of the carpet heavy objects that can stop it, especially if the underlying surface is slippery, as in the case of the parquet.