This week, I answer to Danielle: “Hi Alain, I have a ceramic shower with glass door. At the bottom of the door, there is a rigid plastic that seems to have outlived its usefulness, because when I close it, it hangs on the small ceramic works. In addition, there on the side of the door of the “rubber” that stands on the side. I do not know how to fix and where to go for repairs. Also, there is a silicone seal that is crumbling all around the walls, the floor. There are even black encrusted therein. Is it necessary to reinstall, or you can leave it without silicone? Does the grout can disintegrate over time if there is anything on it? ”

Hi Danielle,

In terms of your shower door, I recommend you go see a dispenser bathroom and make the piece in question. It must certainly have utility since it was installed there from the start. Maybe he should be returned to its original place? It must surely pass water if it is in the right place. As for the small piece of rubber on the side, its utility is the same, it serves to protect against water leaks. Generally, these small pieces of rubber are easily in hardware and are easy to change.


For the grout, it is important to keep them in good condition. If there is black in it, is that fungi and other bacteria have seeped inside. You should definitely remove them completely, clean it with bleach or other disinfectant, let dry and then reinstall a beautiful brand new seal. The silicone used to seal any small holes that could allow water and create water infiltration between the walls and floors which they are installed. It is therefore essential to remedy the situation as soon as possible if you do not want to deal with larger problems. Because once the water entered somewhere, it is possible that the damage is more important and you need to undo a little more to repair the damage.

The sauce is made with water. Once it is dry, it must be protected with a sealer to make it as waterproof as possible. If there was no sealer on the grout, then it is possible that it falls apart as you say. Refill the hole with grout and this time apply a sealer to protect it well. It will be waterproof and be easier to clean afterwards. You can repeat every two years the application of sealant, or more often if necessary.