This week I answer Christiane who wonder how to restore a good appearance to grout. “What’s the trick to restore a good appearance to the grout joint installed 15 years ago on the three ceramic walls of the bath? Should we scrape the old grout and apply a thin coat of new grout and wipe off immediately? ” Christiane, Before you start to scratch and redo the grout, you might try using a product like “Ceramiqueur Surf Pro II”, sold in hardware stores, which is designed to revive the grout joints.

This product is made from an acid based process unique to restore color to your ceramic joints. It even removes the fine white powder that accumulates on the ceramic. If this product does not work, then you can consider your re-grout to nine. And I preferred to remove substantially all of the grout to redo it for best result that is also more sustainable than remaking the surface only.


This week I answer Kimy who would like to know if she can ask the cons-plated around the bath. “I have to redo my bathroom and I wonder if we can put against the plywood around the tub and put the cons directly on the ceramic-plated. The wall of the bath is located on an outside wall. A reply would be appreciated. Thank you. “

There is no drywall installation will not disturb any of the ceramic wall of your bathroom. This is really important for cons, this is to ensure that the cons-plated or secured to a wall so that it does not move and do break the grout joints. And, of course, while you’re there and your wall is defeated, so be sure that the insulation of the wall is adequate to prevent it from coming cold winter. When installing ceramic floor, always install a cons-plated to be doubled and more since we will work on this floor. The wall, it is not necessary to double weight will come as no strain the cons-plated. However, always make sure to have secured.