I answer this week to Linda who wonder how correct the color of grout too light. “A month ago, I did ask the ceramic above my desk. I find that the chosen grout is too light compared to the dark ceramic. Is it possible to solve this problem? Is it possible redo the grout over the one just ask? Does this can be colored dark? ” Hi Linda, To address your problem there is not much of a solution.

You can not simply put grout on top of one already in place. The layer is too thin and does not last long, especially on a counter. With regard to color the grout in place, unfortunately I did not try to make the experiment. To me, there is a possibility and that is to redo your grout from A to Z. That is to say removing the existing one and repeat the process to finally have the desired color. Especially as a counter, it is preferable to use an epoxy grout. This solution requires a little more work, but I think the result will satisfy you more.


“I did, on the walls of my kitchen, as ceramic (backsplash, around the garden doors, around windows, top of the cabinets) so no walls to paint! (Shame)! I’d like, without having to remove all the ceramics and redo all the walls, a way to “hide” these ceramic tiles, or by a method of filling where I do not know what, and I could paint without joints appear! I do not know! To redo the backsplash, no problem, I remove the ceramic at this point and replace it with another kind “brick” (tumbled marble?) A return e-mail with a solution to my problem will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much and good day! ”

It is difficult for me to answer your question without really seeing how everything is arranged. Here neamoins possible solutions: One solution would be to repaint the ceramic in your choice of color. Otherwise, it might be possible to install panels HDF elegant designs that are sold in hardware stores. Walls Design specializes in this type of panel. It is simple to install and it changes the setting in a jiffy. In addition, these panels can be painted according to your taste. There are also panels with various finishes as different from each other. A little shopping and research in department stores, where choices abound, you would find something that can inspire you. Another option to consider would be to consult a specialist or a designer, who could advise you on the layout of your room.