The ceramic coating is the excellence of the bathroom. Versatile, it is exhibited on all types of surfaces, counter tops sink to the floor, through the walls of the shower. As she cleans in a jiffy, it is a delight for small and large families. The range of colors, styles, sizes and finishes available on the market today marries a host of tastes. As you create the bathroom of your dreams according to your temperament or your desire of the moment! Some ideas are full of character.

Small and sophisticated

The owners of this old house played on several tables to provide a makeover deserved their cramped bathroom. On the ground, large ceramic tiles dark offer undeniable advantages in terms of maintenance. On the walls, gray tiles and a vibrant mosaic of translucent glass to give cheerfully reply. The whole gives a strong character to the room.


Enlarged bathroom

In this narrow bathroom, ceramic stands with the original wood floor, which has preserved some step of the renovation. The union of stained wood and orange tiles, installed diagonally, offers a look that exudes dynamism punched. In the standard layout of the shower tiles, ceramic insert a layer looks like a rug in front of the vanity.

Natural Glow

The bathroom benefits from children practical properties of ceramics. If green dominates brightly in the room, the blue prints freshness ocean as tiny tiles on the bathroom vanity as well as rectangular strips to the floor. In the shower, glossy rectangular tiles with floral confirm the spring atmosphere of this invigorating setting. Height, striped pattern tiles enliven the composition.

Bijou bathroom

Concentrated style in a small bathroom! Its oval shape, the ceramic is thumbing its nose at traditional tiles and infuses rights movement on the wall. Nice duet in black and white, she noticed a flash to wallpaper the retro era. A miniature vanity, full of cool blue, a glass bowl and a wall fitting up to date punctuate the scenery on a current note.