You just moved into your new home? Want to redecorate a room and add electrical outlets or just want to replace your obsolete outlet for a dimmer? It’s not that complicated seems to be. Of course you can always do business with an electrician if you do not feel comfortable to touch everything about electricity, but if you want to try for yourself, here are the precautions to be taken in the choice of purchasing and installing. You see, it’s easy!

Checker outlet

The first thing to do is to avail yourself of an auditor of outlet, you’ll find in any home center. With this tool, very handy, you will be able a reliable diagnosis on the state of your outlets.

Read the indicators on the Auditor-outlet

“Correct” If both yellow lights right on your auditor are on, you can rest assured, your shots consistent. When you change them, you only have to replace the son exactly the same place. “Open Ground” If the yellow light in the middle is the only one on it means that your wiring is less protected because there is no grounding for this decision. That said, you are not in danger and to remedy the situation, if you wish, you will surely help of an electrician. By cons, for everything concerning the connections of major appliances (fridge, microwave, clothes dryers, in short, all that has taken three legs), you must ensure that the earthing works.


“Open Neutral” and “Hot Neutral Reverse”: If the auditor tells you these warnings is that the wiring from the electrical outlet in place is wrong. The son are reversed. We’ll show you later how to rectify the problem. “Open Hot” Your power is simply not connected. Your electrical outlet is not functional.”Hot ground reverse” It is unusual for this indication. This would mean that the current is sent into the earth.

After checking the electrical outlets and decided to switch, you must of course, must turn off the power to do your electrical work. Note: catches are often counter connected to two circuit breakers (breakers). It will therefore take the precaution of disabling them both, if indeed they were not connected together by a metal rod, as it should.

Selection of switches and sockets plates

When you purchase your switches, you must dwell on their choice:

# They must meet the voltage and wattage of your bulbs. Everything is shown on the bulbs themselves.
# You must check whether a switch (unipolar) or two switches (3 votes) feed your light.

For outlets

To the bathroom, it is safer to install a special outlet that protects you against the risk of electric shock. As this type of decision is more sensitive to water, turn off circuit breakers more easily and offer better protection.


# Unscrew and remove the plates you want to change.
# When you take a decision which has been identified as being correctly installed (using the Auditor-making), you simply identify how well the son are placed and repeat the process with new son.
# To connect the wiring, remember that the son should be black or red gold screwed to the screw. The son white to silver screw. In terms of bare wire is your grounding. It should be plugged into the bottom of the canister and the green screw on the outlet.
# For taking food, you must remember that taking the top and bottom are not connected to the same breaker. When you have completed the installation, break the security seal on the gold side of the switch. Otherwise, the breaker will pop when you turn the electricity.
# To change a ceiling light, firmly place the son in wire nuts (orange tips) and screw them in the direction of clockwise making sure that the son is in place, otherwise you risk the short circuit . Holding the wire nuts, pull the son to check the strength. Finally, with your finger, press the metal clip and screw it firmly to prevent spinning or unstable. Replace the ceiling in place.
# It’ll just replenish the current and find that your installations work perfectly!

If you still hesitate to do the work yourself, maybe you could, for the first time, do you supervise someone who knows. By following these instructions, you will see that this kind of work is no longer a problem!