If you have children furniture shopping does not have to be a chore. Simply by knowing your options, you can find products suitable for any age of child. The key to finding child friendly furniture is to understand your child’s wants and then choose furnishings that align with their wish list. Opting for pieces they will love yet still deliver quality and durability will ensure you are both happy with your children’s furniture purchase.


One key element to consider when purchasing furnishings for a child is furniture construction. If your plan is to have your child utilize their furniture for many years to come, you will want to look for pieces with strong construction and good bones. Check joints to make sure each piece is securely constructed and will not fall apart simply due to flimsy joints. Check upholstery to ensure all fabric is securely attached and will not rip away simply due to normal wear and tear. If your plan is to have your child only use their kid friendly furniture for a year or two, concern for construction elements can be relaxed in favor of pricing factors. If longevity is your goal, paying attention to furniture construction and design will always stand you in good stead.

Another key element to pay attention to is designs that can grow with your child. While your small child might dream of a canopy bed or bunk bed, those style choices may not translate into longevity of use. Rather than opt for furnishings that can quickly become out of favor with your child, instead opt for pieces they will enjoy but will last for the long haul. A standard bed with a removable gauze canopy suspended from the ceiling might make for a happy compromise for both parent and child. A regular twin bed or double bed with a desk style headboard might suit both parties instead of a bunk bed. By opting for longevity of use combined with a compromise in style choices, you can ensure both parties are happy with the final childrens bedroom furniture at Ollie & Leila purchase.

Shopping for child-friendly furnishings can actually be a real bonding opportunity for a parent and child. By setting up ground rules in advance and discussing options in an open and collaborative atmosphere, a family can approach furniture shopping with true joy and enthusiasm. The outcome can be furniture a child enjoys and a purchase a parent is happy they made.