Involve the smallest in the work of decorating the house on Christmas Eve can be a practical and endearing.

In the proximity of the Christmas season one of the most anticipated is the decoration of the house as a proclamation of the nearness of the celebrations. Involve children in the same role and responsibility gives them, while you manage your free time sharing a fun and creative with the rest of the family. Undoubtedly, their imagination and creativity contribute to more original results. The ideal time to decorate the home in company with the smaller the previous holidays in December (as the celebration of the Immaculate Conception on the 8th), the weekend before Christmas Eve or the first days of school holidays.

Recycling toys to decorate the Christmas tree

The recycling of toys to make Christmas decorations is a perfect opportunity to be creative while also organize children’s toys (in any home with children is usually accumulate unused toys or defect without knowing exactly what to do with them). It is also an excellent opportunity to educate on respect for the environment and promote a greener Christmas . Reusing decorative objects is a simple operation that begins with the selection and classification. First, it should discriminate those that are most appropriate for your size. It is advisable that are small in size for easier handling, but will be useful pieces of materials (plastic, fabric, wood, etc). It may be small stuffed animals, plastic miniatures, figurines and / or tiny dolls, finger puppets, small articles of cloth, among others. In any case, it is recommended to have small to carry out the selection.


Homemade Christmas ornaments and recycled

The second part of the task is to prepare all the items chosen to not give the impression of carelessness or sloppiness in the decor (it is possible that some of them require a cleaning or a small patch). If items are reused or plastic timber also suggests giving them a touch of color in shades typical of these parties. A little paint or glitter gives a festive air to any object, although the type of product to apply depends ultimately on the base material of the toy. Subsequently, using nylon thread they create a small loop to achieve be hung and / or attached to a wreath. If this is of fabric or yarn, thread can also be used current of the same color. Attach the handle to the object will vary depending on the shape and characteristics of this and can be sewn, glued or simply tied.

Christmas crafts for children: making wreaths

The next step is spinning toys in the garlands chosen, for example, the traditional tinsel, which will have a more fun and cool with toys distributed evenly throughout the same. Another fun option is the garlands made ​​with popcorn. . You just have to make cooking corn seeds and when cool string them with needle and thread. Then, likewise, are interleaved parts prepared. The bonds of very thick (green fir, red, silver, gold) are striking alternative. If you have a Christmas tree ornament the newly created can also be hung directly. Whatever the decision is important not to overload the final product.

Final recommendations for work in family and small

To obtain a satisfactory result in line with expectations and enthusiasm of those involved should plan ahead what we do, buy in advance all the necessary materials and work in the working slowly. It is also recommended to evaluate the results for the effort and time involved, and teamwork, without underestimating the work of any of the participants.