Nothing more extraordinary than finding yourself in the evening in a cozy bed after a long day of work. But it is also necessary that everything has been designed for comfort! The mattress. Essential to lead you gently into the arms of Morpheus! Quality of life of a mattress varies around ten years. If you often go bad nights, it’s probably time to think about upgrading. A good way to determine if it is still comfortable is to compare! Just testing a new mattress store and evaluate the hardness and the comfort of our own later.

The pillow

The pillow has a primary goal to improve the comfort of sleep. A good pillow should support the neck so that it is aligned with the spine. To this end, it is preferable to choose a fairly firm pillow. It is important to distinguish between used to decorate pillows and pillows for sleeping. For a restful sleep, we should expect to pay 40 to 50 dollars for a good pillow. Also, it is best to avoid feather pillows whose stems can “pinch” during sleep. Note: people with allergies should be directed towards hypoallergenic products .


The comforter

natural or synthetic fibers?

The natural fiber is extremely effective in keeping us warm since it provides three times more heat than synthetic fiber, not to mention it leaves better air circulation and absorbs the moisture. By cons, its price is higher. (One should expect for a good goose to pay around $ 400 for the quantity “Queen”)

Down feathers vs.

Known for its insulating capacity, down from the underside of the wings of geese or ducks. As for the feathers, they cover other parts of the body of the bird and allow them to fly. Because they store less air than down, so they are less insulated.

The synthetic

While the risk of allergies is high, or that the budget can not afford the down, opt for synthetic quilt. There are several on the market and all prices. The best is that which is conceived of ultrafine microscopic fibers, called “Dacron.” Blown into the envelope, the result is quite similar to down. The price? Around $ 300 for a “Queen”.

The swelling factor

it is important to check the swelling factor of the down, that is to say the amount of down per in3. The higher the swelling factor, the higher the down is light and durable.


If you have opted for a quilt, you know that the down move and he collapses over time. To keep it looking soft and swollen, shake the duvet once a week by turning it regularly. Ditto for the pillows: let the air out on a clothesline, avoiding the sun, or in the dryer on delicate cycle.


Several fibers are available commercially. Natural fibers, synthetic and a mixture of both. Synthetic fibers are resistant to wear, but absorb very little moisture. The cotton-polyester is a good compromise, but cotton wears quickly and finally, it is not found with the synthetic fiber. Our favorite: the cotton. Give yourself a gift and made the purchase of cotton sheets, the number of son to the square inch, or 180 and more, is a sign of the quality index of the tissue. Maybe a little more fripan, but the trick is to dry about 10 to 15 minutes and make the bed right away. We love because it takes heat from the body easily and provides a feeling of coolness in summer and warm in winter. And choice of color is divine!