Often disrespectful of the environment, the traditional heating swimming pools is a large budget. So opt for the environment.

The boom in private pools is real, however it can soon be a financial disaster for their owners especially because of their heating. This is also why more and more of these owners are opting for an environmentally friendly heating, revealing itself in many cases cheaper. Among the ecological pool heaters, two methods are relatively common.

Solar heating

Solar energy is the primary source of energy that was used for heating swimming pools. If this is the energy you want to enhance your level, remember that there are two methods.

# You can use direct heat produced by solar radiation and amplified by devices installed on your pool. The bubble cover is the most commonly used. It has the advantage of raising the temperature of pool water from 2 to 5 degrees depending on the quality of the sheet while being inexpensive. In fact, it reinforces the effect of sunlight on the day, and protects against heat loss at night. You can also choose to install a permanent roof dome acting as a greenhouse. More expensive than the tank, it nevertheless has the advantage of protecting your pool and more against leaves and other waste.


# Solar energy can also be used to power photovoltaic panels that provide the electricity needed to turn the pool heating. Significantly more expensive to install, solar panels are also much more effective and can free themselves completely from any further heating.

Heat pump

As for housing, your pool can be equipped with a heating-air heat pump or geothermal. The system is exactly the same as for domestic heating installation and implies significant enough to predict in general from the installation of your pool. Furthermore, this system can quickly consume more than it produces when installed in areas unsuitable. Also note that there are ways to save green virtually free of pool heating. The presence of plants around your pool going, for example, cut the wind and thus reduce the cooling water. Similarly, exposure to the foot of a wall to the south will increase the water temperature due to solar radiation reflection from the wall (the principle is exactly the same as when you plant the plants at the foot a wall).