The floor is stone with one of the oldest coatings for floors of your home. Here are some tips for choosing and maintaining it.

Like the charming land of tradition: the floor is then a must for your home. Sensual pleasure wood, species richness, abundance patterns, the prosecution process is certainly among the most noble and most suitable for modern homes.

The advantages of floors

Apart from the beauty and strength of the floor, one of the advantages of this material is that it can be waxed, varnished, oiled, varnished, according to your taste. The wear layer up to 10mm on a traditional parquet. Variations of designs, different woods offer opportunities compositions which will leave you free to imagine the most customized agreements.

Different types of flooring

There are three main types of flooring that adapt to each use and an aesthetic different. Make your choice based on benefits qualities but also your budget. The first awards stand in less time, but all have to price more acceptable when you have a tight budget. Traditional will stand the test of time and wear, but it will be a purchase consider depending on your budget. Laminates preferred by pragmatic like the functional but also aesthetic wider palette.


The parquet: for small budgets who opt for the charm

These are floors which are made of the assembly of two different layers. The top layer is called wear layer and is made up of woods. The lower part, for its part, is formed of plywood. The advantage of this method is that it can easily arise, especially in renovation. The choice of species proposed is greater than the parquet. It can also cover the old coating easily without having to remove it and by requiring a very small footprint. The installation can be done yourself with a few tips and after a small workshop raises lavished by your dealer.

Laminate flooring, ideal for renovations and aesthetic fantasy

These modern floors are composed of three different layers called against the swing, soul and siding. The latter, siding, consists of sheets impregnated with melamine to make it more resistant and also allow a choice of decoration almost infinite. The two main advantages of laminate flooring resident in its very low thickness and high resistance. Can pose as the model for cons-bonded, be yourself. Still prefer to complex renovations you to attend and / or professional advice in the preparation of surfaces will welcome your laminate flooring.

Within 15 days after vitrification of your floor:

* Allow the sealer to harden the heart, avoiding as much as possible by the passage wear, abrasion or the presence of heavy objects on your freshly varnished floor.
* Clean your floor dry, not wet the floor, use a vacuum cleaner or dust wipes.
* Do not cover your floor with a mat.
* Avoid shocks.

Then you can fully enjoy your floor for many years by following these simple guidelines:

* Place protective pads felt under furniture legs.
* Place a doormat outside your front door to hold gravel and sand grains.
* Never wash your floor with plenty of water, but use a cloth firmly wrung.
* Sponge quickly all liquids on your floor as much as possible and avoid the repeated fluid leaks (radiator, flower pot, aquarium).
* If your mop was used for the maintenance of tiles, rinse well in this water before using it on your floor.
* Use only cleaning products perfectly suited to your type of sealer craftsman employee.