Pottery is an essential material in the decoration of a house. It is present in kitchens and bathrooms and, increasingly, in other spaces to which it gives a great beauty. Its variety is immense in colors, textures, finishes and formats. Today we give you all the keys to choose the type and size of the ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Flooring for the Home

In spite of the great diversity of materials that exist today to cover the walls and floors of our house, ceramic tiles remain one of the most chosen options. In addition, this is not unusual considering the beauty, diversity and quality they offer today. You may like the tiles of a lifetime, prefer those that imitate other materials or vintage design. In any case, there are ceramic coverings for all tastes.

In addition, the formats are reinvented to put within our reach an endless number of alternatives: large pieces to emulate continuous, seamless joints small pieces that create decorative mosaics. Today it is possible to combine several models to create contrasts, to differentiate zones within the same space or to choose pieces with original shapes to decorate.

Ceramic coatings for all tastes

The typical 15 × 15 cm square tile of a lifetime is no longer alone. Vast repertoires of formats in which ceramic tiles have been made have come to house. The new proposals of the ceramic and stoneware firms are so special, so spectacular, that you want to put them throughout the house. And, if you do not believe me, take a look at the following ideas. You will not have the slightest doubt.

If you are thinking of doing a remodeling at home those that are done very occasionally and that completely renovate all the rooms, it is important that you first report on the latest materials in the market. Because it may happen that, you have an obsolete idea of ​​what things are. And even more so if we talk about ceramics, since the sector has recently experienced an incredible evolution. It is probably because of the technical advances, the fact is that today there are surprising alternatives to decorate with ceramic tiles.

It has been advanced in the thickness of the pieces, now there are extra fine tiles that offer greater possibilities of application, and in the formats. Now you have a lot of sizes and shapes to choose. In any case, the rectangular and square tiles continue to lead the most demanded, as they adapt to any space, large or small. However, you can always innovate in the way of placing them. Placing them diagonally or mixing different designs and finishes may be an idea.

Play with volumes

We have already spoken to you on some other occasion of textured ceramic coverings, and they are the order of the day. Playing with the volumes that create the pieces is one of the most modern trends in ceramics. You can create contrast with pieces in relief, without varying the chromatic range, as seen in the image. The result cannot be more subtle and elegant.

As we said before, technical advances have made it possible to manufacture ceramic pieces of very large shapes, which look great on floors and walls. They give a sense of visual continuity that is most decorative, as they reduce the joints considerably.