Furnishing a home means doing well-considered choices as regards both the objects to insert that the spaces to be used. Very often you do not have access to larger sizes, where to put everything that you want, so you need to make the right choices based on what you own. Let’s see how you can choose the closet for a small room.

Having a room of modest size leads to select the methods and elements that can be exploited every inch and every corner. The choice of the cabinet is essential to try not to occupy the space useless, since it is a structure that is mounted in a place not entirely irrelevant. There are many ways in which it can be installed in a room without occupying a portion of space too.


The first solution for the cabinet comes from the exploitation of the upper floors. This means that you should evaluate the idea of a complex bridge, so since it is able to use the upper part of the bed and, if the ceiling allows, also the upper part of the door. Doing so is not concerned, no ground surface, thereby leaving of meters, which can be used for other items of furniture.

The closet is another very useful alternative. It consists in obtaining a creek inside the existing wall and to exploit it for storing garments and other items. Before opting for this solution it is necessary to assess the magnitude of the wall in question and what confines you.

If you have enough space to install a normal cab, at this point you should choose one that provides opening traditional doors. They could do with some opening meter free, and if the room is small, it is said that it has. To overcome this problem, you can choose the sliding doors. With them you can open and close the facility and with a few gestures you can move more freely within the chamber.