Good, it’s a hard choice, particularly for the undecided, given the large existing range, something for every taste… In wood, laminate or lacquer? The world of interior doors is actually eternal, you are probable to get misplaced in this maze of doors, or at least not to open the right single. So, how do you not miss? A factor which would be better to give importance to the choice of a product that represents the first furnishing of the house? So, in a nutshell, how do you choose the doors of the house?


First problem: should be preferred before the furniture, or are to be matched with furniture from the old house from which you have simply struck? We must first assess the overall space of the door, then choose whether to use the more traditional solution to closing or if hijack towards solutions to small footprint . The door swing takes up space, which corresponds to the radius of the aperture, one sliding inside the wall will obviously require that the wall where it flows externally remains free on the outside, and especially without pictures without nails which hinder the flow. We must not forget that slide on a track on the outside of the wall; in that case must remain free only the side of the track.

A solution definitely valid for small places, which is not binding on the use of the walls and requires minimal installation work, is broken by the folding door. Indeed, they are folded in half, filling only a small reduced space environment. Provides an ideal solution for bathrooms, cupboards, lockers, only they are a bit ‘more expensive than doors to swing open because they call for a more complex arrangement.

As regards the aesthetic side is essential to take into account the duration of life of a door. Usually choosing new doors under construction or renovation, interventions that also involve floors and masonry. A good tip is to match the doors and floors, because they will have a life similar. Alternatively, match them with furniture, exactly like any other furniture. In reality, however, this is more difficult, since the rooms to be furnished are many and oftentimes they switch in style and color, even on the bulwarks.