The psychological well-being of our body is linked to several environmental factors: the position that we maintain for long hours in our workplace, it is crucial for the health of the spine. Let’s see how to choose an ergonomic office chair, for use both at home and at work, to ensure a correct posture and prevent cervical and lumbar pain.

Purchase of furniture quality and optimal for our health is especially important in situations and environments in which we spend much of our day. The office chair is then definitely the session we will have to choose more carefully, considering we spend many hours sitting in the same position . In addition to choosing an ergonomic model certificate and of course we will also pay attention to the instructions, such as how to adjust the height and position relative to the desk. Buy a comfortable chair but adjust it wrong means forcing the spine in an unnatural position and uncomfortable which will cause pain in the back and fatigue.


The ideal ergonomic chair Office allows you to maintain the ideal location to work at the desk. Choose a model that has adjustable height, the feet fact must touch the ground with the whole plant and the legs should be inclined downward. The latest types are equipped with a support for the knees is also adjustable in height and angle that lets you download your body weight down and not only on the back. In some cases rests on the knees is combined with the seat tilt to find the optimal angle of the pelvis and legs. The rocking support facilitates movement of the back and prevents the rigidity. The backrest with adjustable lumbar support is essential for those who remain still in the same position for many hours and does not require a great deal of freedom of movement. It must be wide enough to accommodate the back and adjustable. The seat must be wide and comfortable to best accommodate the basin.

Some additional features can make your office chair even more comfortable and practical to use. The wheels and the rotation mechanism allow you to move with ease in the room without having to get up often. The armrests are useful to rest your arms but need to be adjusted so that the forearm rests properly on the desktop. We choose also a durable and comfortable cushioning that adapts well to the shape of our body. We carefully read the characteristics of the product by checking the type of materials used and the presence of certifications. Let the chair before purchase to verify the convenience and take into account overall dimensions. Finally we choose a model that matches the style of our office, with shapes and colors matched to the rest of the.