The globalized world we live in today has allowed cultures and ways of life very different from those typically Italian, semipermeable our customs and entered to make part of our daily lives, faceless also felt a little our. This argument applies to every area of culture : from the food, to clothing, to the way of thinking about life, including the furnishing of the house. The ethnic style has always aroused a great charm , even in the past. His mysterious exoticism not leave indifferent known artists and cultural movements in Europe. It might seem risky to choose the ethnic furniture and let them marry perfectly with European culture, completely different from the place of origin of the style of this furniture , but it is not. With a few tricks will not be difficult to understand how to choose the ethnic furniture for the home.

ethnic furniture

The first step will be to figure out which ethnic style does for us. In fact, the choice in this area is vast. We find it more congenial style decor eastern maybe Chinese or Japanese? Or African style, colors sedges and gritty? In addition to the culture of origin, should also reflect on the functionality of the furniture. For example, the traditional Japanese dining tables have a charm indisputable, but not everyone might like to have lunch sitting on top of a pillow resting on the ground. A smart choice would be to choose an ethnic “westernized”, to combine function and beauty.

Style ethnic decor, as I said, is very heterogeneous, there are many styles of furniture, which can come from any part of the world. They exemplify someone. For example there are the furniture ethnic Chinese are characterized by solid wood and solid, painted in warm colors, with shades ranging from red to dark brown and are decorated by small and detailed gold inlays. Then there are the Indian furniture in precious exotic wood, such as rosewood or teak. Are decorated in inlaid wood, floral or geometric shapes, and you can find with grafts of different materials, such as iron or ceramic. Not only that, there are also an ethnic Indonesian, African, pre-Columbian, Japanese, Mongolian, and many more!

The second step, after choosing the type of furniture that you want most, is crucial: the choice of the store where you buy. There are many shops selling, among other things, furniture, ethnic, but there are also specialized in this type of merchandise. What is best to choose? Obviously the selling price will be different from place to place, as will the different quality of the furniture. The best choice would be to find a good compromise between quality and philological correctness of materials (for connoisseurs), functionality and price. Who could be interested in a beautiful futon, maybe sold at a high price for its hard to find in Europe, on which you can not sleep because of back pain?