Though it’s summer and warm outside, it always pays to consider alternative space heating solutions. The cold season will be upon us in next to no time, bringing along issues of energy efficiency and heating bills. If you want to enjoy a less stressful fall, winter, and spring, then you should definitely consider infrared heaters as the most cost- and energy-efficient device for warming up your space.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a small studio or a lush villa: there’s a type of infrared heater out there available for any type of lifestyle, irrespective of your thermal needs and even of your home’s décor style.

“But why to choose an infrared heater over a traditional one?”, some might wonder. There is no one answer to this question. There are several answers, in fact. In the following, we explore issues of cost, efficiency, and durability – as well as several others you might never have considered before.

Infrared heaters keep warm all over

We’re willing to bet you’ve experienced that unpleasant feeling of warming up with a conventional heater, only to step outside of its range and suddenly feel cold. Infrared heaters don’t come with this issue since they heat up spaces and surfaces through the use of infrared light. As such, they are perfect for maintaining a constantly warm temperature throughout your room, be it a bedroom, garage, or hallway.

Infrared heaters will lower your bills

With conventional electrically powered bills, you need to shop around very carefully, in order to find a model that does not use up too much electricity but is also powerful enough to efficiently warm up your rooms.

This is because some cheaper models will do a good job of keeping you warm, but, in the meantime, will also drive your bills through the roof. Most infrared heaters use up less electricity but also manage to turn most of the energy they use into heat. Research has shown that their rate of electric to thermal energy can go all the way up to 83 percent.

Infrared heaters last longer

Most ‘affordable’ conventional heaters will only last for so long. At some point, their heating element will become worn out (possibly even melting) from prolonged usage. This is certainly not the case with infrared heaters.

Modern infrared heaters actually come with a lifetime guarantee for their heating filament, which is made from virtually unbreakable material. No more worrying about maintenance or replacements, since the risk of breakage has been eliminated from the equation.

Infrared heaters are more affordable

In terms of absolute costs, prices for conventional and infrared heaters are similar. But if you consider the longer lifespan of infrared lamps, when compared to traditionally fueled heaters, the investment does seem more sound, from a financial point of view. Similarly, consider maintenance and replacement, when deciding between the two types of heaters: how would you like to have a space heating solution that can last you a lifetime?

Infrared heaters are much more environmentally friendly

There is no comparison to even speak of here. In terms of greenness, infrared heaters, which release no fumes or other toxic substances into the atmosphere, are far superior to any heating system that uses fossil fuels.