The choice of flooring of your home deserves a special attention, not only to decide on the style and color, but also for what concerns the material used. There are different types of flooring : wood, ceramic, resin, PVC and so on., but when you decide to opt for marble floors, choosing a wonderful and solid stone : elegant, full of timeless charm and practically eternal.

Use this material to pave their homes, it means you want to make your home elegant and classy; the wonderful qualities of marble, are not easily found in other materials for flooring. Used since ancient times, has been appreciated at all times and will certainly continue to be so in the future, despite its high cost: a great deal of impact on the price of the works related to the extraction, processing, transportation and installation, factors that require highly skilled labor and often almost impossible to find (unfortunately today the skilled craftsmen in this field were very few!).


The color of this precious rock may be the classic white or red damask, but also ocher and pink, without forgetting the malachite laps blue or green or black. When you opt for a marble pavement of bright colors , but you must keep in mind one important aspect: that decision greatly affects the choice of the entire furniture and any remaining coating, so it is essential to correctly match all the shades present in an environment. Neutral colors can instead allow greater freedom in various outfits.

Because marble is a rather porous element and contains a substantial amount of carbonate of calcium (reactive in the presence of acids), you should pay close attention when you enter the bathroom or in the kitchen: it is advisable to prefer rather opaque finishes, which may be more successful in camouflaging possible corrosion stains. In addition, to better hide any stains, may be a good idea to choose marble-patterned rich shades and tones with their beautiful natural design can easily make it less obvious darkened areas or consumed.

Marbles bright and clear (like real deer) are more suitable for entrances, living rooms, living rooms and bedrooms, especially when it comes to environments furnished with modern and linear, while both white marbles, both those brightly colored, iridescent or spotted (like screens, white and colored) or flooring with inlay applications, are better suited to a classic and antique style furniture.