When restructuring the choice of the new floor is one of the most difficult decisions. A passage often underestimated, but the elements keep in mind there are many, such as budget, the brightness of the environment, preferences or even the decor. This guide aims to be a little help in choosing, in order not to repent later than one choice from which you can hardly go back. To choose the right one you need to know what the market offers, not to mention that the floor begins to trace the style of your environment.

The tile represents the finishing element most commonly used as it has a great value for money. Can vary in shape, size and composition and has the advantage of requiring little maintenance once put in the work. Usually composed of clay, the tile can have different resistance depending on the type of cooking, however, generally well Tortola temperature changes and the acidic substance.


The parquet consists of assembling elements of wood with a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm. It is definitely a quality choice that gives our environment a significant visual impact. There are different types, ranging in reconciling the value for money: the more valuable the magnolias is composed of solid wood, plywood while in only the upper part is of noble wood. Usually it is necessary for the installation personnel, and labor might be more expensive, although there now refinish parquet, consisting of prefabricated elements. This type of flooring has need much maintenance, continuous treatments with paints and protective oils to try to make the waterproof material, periodic polishing to eliminate the feeling of matte generated from wear and timely interventions of cleaning in the case in which the wooden material is in contact with acidic substance.

The resin is a synthetic non-toxic and odorless principle used in industries, but the continuous research and improvement of the material has enabled its use even in private. The result is a smooth and continuous with a minimum thickness with a great aesthetic power which also allows to create any type of design in any color. After application of the resin must wait 48 hours before to be able to step on the floor .