When shopping for a carpet, there is much to consider. What might look very appealing may not be suitable for a particular room, so think about practicality as well as looks. Here are some helpful tips to avoid making a wrong decision, and with carpets costing a considerable amount, it makes sense to get it right first time.

Carpet fibre

There are many types of carpet, and one should think about practical use when choosing a carpet. Nylon is ideal for high traffic areas, especially if children and pets are involved. A good quality nylon carpet should last at least ten years, and with regular deep cleaning, will retain that new look. Polyester is more stain resistant, and might be a better choice for children’s bedrooms and hallways.

Wool is a natural fibre that is very durable but does not deal with stains very well. It is normally quite expensive, and may not be suitable for heavy traffic areas. If one requires carpet cleaning in Perth, there are online companies that specialise in wool carpets.


Check the face weight

The face weight of a carpet is determined by the number of ounces per square yard. The higher the number, the more resilient the carpet will be, and the range is typically from 20 – 80. Higher grades are better for heavy traffic areas.

Don’t be too trusting

Carpet salespeople will often tell a customer what they want to hear, after all, they do want the sale. Check labels and don’t be afraid to ask questions, as a carpet investment is considerable, and if one makes the wrong purchase, it can be an expensive mistake.

Think maintenance

A deep shaggy pile might be nice in the master bedroom, but is unsuitable for living room environments, where food and drink are consumed. Vacuuming is not so effective with long pile carpets, and one should have the carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. If one lives in Western Australia, carpet cleaning in Perth by Boas Cleaning Service is a cost-effective way to keep carpets in tip-top condition.

The right installation

Carpets need to be properly fitted, so make sure the company concerned is both established and experienced in domestic carpeting. Bad seaming or incorrect tension can make a carpet age before its time, and if one is unsure about the services offered by the supplier, ask friends if they know of any reputable carpet fitters that are local to the area. A carpet cleaner in Perth would know of a reliable carpet fitter who lives locally, and one can be sure that the job is well done.

Loop or cut pile

Cut pile is the most common choice, as it is both hard wearing and easy to clean. Loop pile carpets tend to snag and are difficult to seam. Both have their good and bad points, and one should consider carefully before making a decision.

The right choice of carpet is essential, if one is to reap the long term benefits, and with so many variations, a little research is recommended.