A pillow is a cushioned support for the head or other parts of the body, usually used while sleeping on a bed, or for the body as used on a couch or chair. You have purchased a beautiful new sofa to be placed in the living or drawing room? If watching carefully you will notice that something is missing, the answer can only be same: are pillows for sofas of course! Choose pillows for your sofa may seem silly, but given the so importance they have for your real life, as well as the appearance that they take on, it is necessary to make an informed choice in their purchase. The easiest thing would be to consult an architect or an upholsterer, but there is no better satisfaction than to customize your house to suit your desire.


We know that In the United Kingdom, pillows used on chairs, sofas or daybeds are called cushions, with the word pillow used only for pillows on a bed. Inevitably, not all couches are not different! In fact, you can not put too many on a couch or on the contrary very small place only one pillow on a sofa very large, because a whole will appear disproportionate and not at all comfortable. So the right proportion could be having a pillow for each place. If the sofa is to two places put two pillows, if it is for three persons will put it three and so on. Where to put them? Two pillows should be placed in correspondence of the arms, so as to create a sort of containment of space, and in the case where your was designed to accommodate three places, the third cushion can put in the middle of the sofa itself. Also the eye wants its part and create a symmetrical effect makes pleasant viewing. Here are some examples of furniture sofa according to the instructions described above.

Finally, we come to another aspect that you might miss in terms of importance, but they absolutely must not be underestimated: the color of the walls of our living room , curtains and furniture in the broadest sense. Internally, a pillow consists of a filler, often made from foam, synthetic plastic fibers, feathers, or down and viscoelastic foam and latex. When a furnished room or just a sofa, you need to make it so that the color effect is in harmony with the outline.