The frames for the chocks to walls and attics, are many and you can find all kinds, from classic designs to modern, as well as the range of colors is very wide, so the choice is not easy. In regard to this, then here are some tips, which help us to choose a plaster frame.

The plaster cornices, you can find on the market of various lengths and thicknesses, and also with simple designs or references that go well with classical structures. If the setting of the house is modern type, you can choose those with smoother central fuller, which fit perfectly painted walls or wallpaper with geometric designs.


The various forms are also available flat ones, so those who prefer not very large, you can opt for the latter finding none a wide range from two inches up. More difficult is undoubtedly the choice of plaster moldings for environments characterized with a classic style. If the furniture of the house is in fact in the Victorian style, simplicity is being shown this type, linear and no special decorations. The latter is present in French decor, Bohemian or Italian and have each of the specific references. The first, a lot of work and prefers frames with acanthus leaves chiseled cantilever. The second is a bit ‘special, because the color does not always go well, because it is the master gold, for which you must opt for plaster that are perfectly smooth purplish or to be able to apply the gold leaf.

The Italian style does not require frames instead of chalk specifically, as the variety of references of all the major epochs allows the application of both of those linear embossed. However, here the colors are important, and if in fact we are in the presence of the Florentine or Venetian art, white is the most suitable, and where there are decorations of walls and furniture with oriental styles, classic or simplicity in poor art, frames a bit like the Bohemian style, require a smooth surface on which you can apply paint or intercollegiate to create contrasts righteous. All the plaster cornices are finely worked, but according to the budget available, you can choose the ones you prefer. Today factories, realized with the drywall, and to find ones made ​​entirely of plaster, you should seek expert craftsmen who, despite their high prices due to the process of manual processing, they can ensure plaster cornices of quality and, above all created with the techniques Ancient (casts on earth with plaster casts of).