This week, we will answer questions from netizens. Ms. Deguire would be directed to choose the color of her curtains. Super this column, but we thought we had information on how to choose the color of the curtains when we have more colors to follow. P. Deguire.

Framed for your curtains, you have a choice. Just deal with the elements already in place. Or better yet, if you are willing to invest in some cushions, vases and paintings, you can create your new theme in a single round at the store! If, against, you just want to purchase parts that will match with the rest, here’s how: If possible, bring a sample of the color of your walls Bring a decorative element to your decor (cushion, tablecloth, or a piece of tissue) Take the measurement of your window to see how long you get pan ( see my column “dress your windows at a good price”) Go to tour the shops with your samples; You have a favorite, but are unsure of your choice? Like most stores have a refund policy, bring them home and if it does not fit, you can simply report them.


There are no strict rules for the choice of color framed curtains. This is a question of harmony throughout your home. Your curtains can be coordinated with the tonal color of your walls or play of contrasts to give character. Opaque fabrics, sheer organza or colorful, everything is possible. It is a matter of taste! Here are some examples:

# Ideal for decor wispy, softly. The sheer density to be a better result.
# The red curtain provides an accent to this room all neutral. A reminder of red is found in the cushions.
# Considering its a light pattern, the color remains in continuity with the wall to inspire peace and relaxation.

It is possible to place a curtain near a stove. Just get a baffle curtain. The baffles are made to hang on your radiator and provide a clearance of about 2 inches between the curtain and the radiator. This will allow you to keep your curtains to a good length. However, in winter, it is not recommended to have heavy draperies closed completely on a heat source because, although the baffle will prevent the fabric from touching the stove, the heat will be hard to spread throughout the room you thereby causing additional heating costs.

The baffles are available Bouclair home at Linen chest and in most hardware stores. Happy decorating! you have specific questions? Let me know and I will do my best to answer them. Happy decorating! In addition to hosting Bye-Bye House! Brigitte operates his company offers home staging and home staging services, interior design makeover and his team of designers.