Not always easy to find what colors to put on our walls! Often we go along the way, or our desire to bring out our furniture. But you can also decide on the choice of your painting with an emphasis on what you want to feel like emotion in that room. Some say, indeed, that the colors have a strong influence on emotions. Red is ideal in a kitchen since it stimulates the appetite. But you gotta go sparingly because red angry, excited, makes impulsive. If you need excitement, this is ideal. If you seek rest, forget the red! It accelerates the heart rate. It could, however, help you create, you focus if of course, your lack of concentration is not due to excessive stress!

Conversely, blue encourages relaxation. This cool color calms and soothes the heart rate. It promotes relaxation and stress fighter. Some people say that blue attracts honesty and loyalty. Why not a pale blue in the bedroom? However, many people choose blue for their bathroom. Probably unconsciously reminding them the sea. If you still want to stay in the warm colors, with orange , you can very well apply in a dining room, you are promoting an intimate, warm. One might also think painting a den or reading room in orange color since this favors the intellect.


The orange would make even a good mood! The yellow is peignerait easily on a wall in the office because it says it stimulates concentration and helps the mental organization. It is useful and makes merry in a dark room to simulate the natural effect of the sun. Back in the cold color, purple , used very little, yet help to reduce insomnia. Not negligible to put in a bedroom! It is also the case for the green that soothes and promotes sleep. Moreover, it is the color trend right now since we are in full nature and eco mode.

We thus find the green of every shade in the houses freshly painted. Finally, if you have a small house and tiny pieces, you can create an effect of magnitude simply by painting your walls white. As white is purity, you will feel less stifled, you’ll be happy to have no visual stimulus under the eyes. In addition, the white goes with everything and pretty frames can then be hung on the walls without any problems!