Choosing the right flooring for a home environment is a daunting task to accomplish and navigate through all types offered by the market is not easy. The floor is the first thing a home that draws attention and so you should choose the one that best suits the characteristics of the building and personal tastes.

Nowadays it tends to always use the most all those materials that do not require a large maintenance or special care to be thoroughly cleaned such as stoneware or ceramics. In the choice of a good flooring is important have told of various factors such as good resistance to wear and moisture, and the estate of the original appearance. The synthetic laminate floors are a good solution. They offer a market price highly competitive, an extreme versatility in color and design to suit all tastes. They are also very simple to put posing and are sold together with a series of seemingly endless finish. You can put in all the room in the house including bathrooms and kitchens. Optimally resist wear and frequent foot traffic and to clean them simply wipe them with a damp cloth.


Instead, the terracotta floors are a refined and elegant choice. Until a few years ago there was a tendency to use this material especially in rustic but now is used for every style of decor. It is a flooring that needs to be supported by strong floors because it has a specific weight high enough. It offers a unique warmth and aesthetic beauty out of the ordinary. The cooked sourced national hand-crafted in a totally has a very high price but if you opt for the cooked industrial or foreign markets you can spend less demanding figures.

The parquet flooring is another of the possible to choose if you want to give the rooms a natural appearance and warm hardwood floors allow you to cover small or large depending on your needs in a rather quick. You should choose the timber most suitable based on the characteristics to be obtained, for example if you’d rather faint staining is best to choose the essences shade delicate such as oak or fir but if you prefer a very dark paving the choice of timber will fall of essences from countries outside Europe such as wenge or iron. The marble flooring lately have been a bit snubbed both because of their market price for the difficult maintenance fee once put posing Stay the fact that only this type of flooring is able to offer an aesthetic effect of rare beauty.