For our bathroom, we can choose the specific tile for the look that we decided to set up the environment, and also for the shower, there are several options. It is of course waterproof materials, fine attention to detail that comply with elegance, aesthetic and give the effect we want. Let us see how to choose the tiles for the shower.

The choice of tiles for the shower depends on the type of finish and furniture that decorate the bathroom, including health care and other home accessories such as soap dishes or towel. The pottery is undoubtedly the best known for its strength and natural luster that also facilitates cleaning and hygiene.


Also with regard to the sizes, you can choose tiles of different sizes with smooth finishes , solid colors or simple and elegantly decorated with modern designs, but also rich friezes and moldings cantilever for those who prefer a very classic look . Moreover, in a shower, the choice of mosaic tiles, rectangular or square, is undoubtedly capable of donating an elegant visual impact. Here is now a list of three types of tiles for the shower, which are able to satisfy wide ranging, every need of furniture. If we opt for large tiles with the so-called gaps between the joints, we can choose for the single firing of 6 mm thick, also coated with colored porcelain or even let the natural color of the tile. These tiles are ideal for the shower as they have excellent resistance, are fully waterproof and stain resistant. In the shower area, are also suitable tiles with mosaic designs that differ from the classic as you do not notice the joints, then from the aesthetic point of view give the effect of a whole wall made ​​with small typical tiles of the mosaic. In fact the laying takes place with individual tiles that can be of the traditional measurement of 20X20 cm, up to those that are also coming to 30X30 cm, all without noticing any joint and a uniform structure.

The mosaic tiles are also available funds with multi-colored or embellished with gold leaf, and for lovers of the classic, even finished with the typical Portuguese tiling. The tiles in the shower, so they are ideal for creating a particularly fine house, and at the same time just relaxing by the vivid colors and contrasts that are able to donate.