If you plan to install a pool in your backyard, different models are available from which you can choose the one that best suits your requirements, both in terms of aesthetics and logistics. Like all models have their advantages and disadvantages to their price, convenience and requirement of administrative authorization or not, the choice should be based on these factors.

Above ground pool

This type of pool is placed directly on the floor and does not require too much work. The above phoenix pool repair is also interesting because it does not require a building permit. We find inflatable models or wood, sold at affordable prices compared with other types of pools. Easily removable, these pools can be transported to another location with ease. However, their disadvantage lies in the fact that they often have a relatively small area.


The concrete pool

Among the models ready to dive, we find the concrete pool and pool monocoque. In both cases, it is quality construction that you can rely. The concrete pool is the most popular for all types of pools combined. This is certainly due to the fact that it is a robust model that can be executed to measure. Aside from the fact that it is durable, can also customize according to the preferences and the owner can be used as a coating or liner, or tiles. In addition, we can also give it the shape you want for the new methods of pouring concrete permit. The disadvantage of a concrete pool is its high price and the time required for its construction.

The monocoque model

The pool is very strong monocoque, being made with glass fibers and epoxy resin as the hull of a boat. The installation must be done by a professional, however, this operation is very fast.