There are several excellent products to cover our floors on the market. To make a wise choice, one must consider where the flooring will be installed.

And then, one must choose the style and color to compose our scenery while respecting our budget. Not always easy, especially when we know that our choices will be sustainable for several years. In this article I will talk about hardwood, engineered wood and bamboo. At APCHQ is recommended to consider the following before choosing its flooring:

# The product will he put in a place where high-traffic?
# Is the area wet?
# The floor need to use a sound barrier?
# How well does the floor need it be slip-resistant?
# Is the product easy to clean and maintain, and how long are you willing to invest to do?
# Can a family member suffers from allergies or asthma? Usually, the more its surface is hard, most flooring is healthy in this regard.
# The product is sustainable?
# What is covered?
# The materials and installation cost so much?
# the new flooring suitable- there to the support of the floor covering (“subfloor”) in place? This support should it be prepared or repaired?


The hardwood

Essential in the development of domestic hardwood is the number one choice of Quebecers and therefore remains a safe bet for return on investment for our homes. There are several types of wood for every taste and several grades, depending on budgets. But beware, the hardwood is not recommended in wet and cold, or on concrete floors, because moisture creates an expansion of the wood can result in a warped floor. Next trend, the demand is more matte finish. We like the look more rustic and natural appearance as opposed to the more “uniform” or “plastic” look that reminds us of the floating floors. In an era greener, consumers want the truth. Real materials with imperfections they have (which was for a while shunned by consumers).

In short, we find advantage of authenticity. Grade side grades, even if they have the same name from one manufacturer to another, this does not mean that the description and the appearance is also. The degree to sort boards based on color variations and knots that reflect the age of the tree and its history. Dimension Manufacturers typically offer slats in widths from 2 ¼ inches to 7 inches. More is wider, it’s expensive. It should also inquire about the length of the slats. The higher the percentage of long slats per box, the higher it’s nice once installed on the ground, but the price will suffer! The color The color and grain of the hardwood species vary, but can also obtain the desired color with dyes floor. For a different look, you can sand and stain the floor and then to apply a varnish.

To do this, it is better to use a company that specializes in this area to avoid costly blunders. If replacing the floor, for durability, more consumers are opting for models prefinished at the factory. The colors offered by manufacturers are dictated by the trends of the time. Be remembered with some nostalgia burgundy floors of 90 years who have left their place to floors cognac or orange pigmented then be upstaged by the floors dark brown or “chocolate”. This tendency is still in vogue, but are appearing more gray shades such as brown gray and bleached wood that make a comeback on the market. The shades are becoming clearer.