Before choosing and buying a floor for any part of the home the first thing we should do is advise to see what kind of floor is good for the environment in which we intend to sit down, figure out pricing and above all be sure of the quality of the same to avoid future problems involving breakage or eventual repairs. According to the type of housing is that it will place a floor, for example is not the same floor which can be placed in a weekend house in our common home, take into account the type of heating, if it is exposed to the weather or suffer overloads.

The type of environment is closely linked with circulations suffer the floor, the floor is suffering more wear are the hallways and entrance halls. In bathrooms and kitchens is necessary to count with impermeable floors due to moisture that is characteristic in these areas. In the rooms you can think of placing carpets, handscraped oak flooring, smooth cement, ceramics because it is a place that has no contact with the outside.

The granites and marbles are some very high cost but are very economical in terms of maintenance, are very suitable and have plenty of colors that can be combined to suit the client. The granite tiles are more durable and can be half the price that the marbles.

The combined porcelain tiles are of a certain amount of clay, not suitable if it is in a place where there is intense movement and not very durable. The limestone tiles are made as a very affordable, come in smooth, slabs and prints.

The floors of concrete are a very good option to be placed on the outside as it can withstand all weather conditions maintaining its color, is made with various finishes allowing termination has a uniform and monolithic. Ceramics can be used in various environments as it has great ratings, the brightest are easier to suffer intense wear and tear and in some cases tend to be dangerous if they contain surface water. Other options are also floating floors, rubber floors and carpets. The floor is elected may be ideal for your home, but if misplaced can cause you to lose money.