A wide range of colors and patterns to adapt to the environment inside your home. Choose the touch you want: zen, Baroque, home, etc and make the most out of your stay with contrasting colors and playing with optical illusions. How to choose a good fabric? Touch it, touch it and vuelvelo playing. Before one please stay in touch and compare different parts. A good fabric does not have to be too flexible, but a bit stiff and comfortable to hold. To choose chairs clothes line instead of a closed loop and draperies.

As for the curtains and cushions, the best option is nothing rigid fabrics. practiced The choice of materials is determined by the room and the use we are going to give, like the colors. Another point to note is that the strength and ease of maintenance of tissue. Also, remember that you should always buy more fabric than necessary to avoid unpleasant surprises. When you already have all the cloth, wash before use to insure no shrinkage.


If you want to follow the trends Move to green: This season invites nature to your home with shades very “organic” green the coral, through earth colors, cream or red. Regarding prints: A time of great prints with flowers and leaves. Also on the menu: the garden brings peaches, olives and eggplant. As an aftertaste of spice, paprika and saffron. Pop: In a very generalized shades become alive and do so with force. Like the patterns of the seventies and eighties, that fill us with nostalgia. correct combinations: for the classic, red, gray and chocolate go together and if you want something more baroque, black and imposing the silver.

The advice of professionals

To enlarge a stay. Opt for vertical stripes in shades to give the illusion of space. Also, choose light colors to achieve the same effect. But be careful because they are also dirtier. To highlight the sofa
again, we pull to optimize stripes inside the home. With them you will give relief to the curves of the sofa. To make a stay home. I left the curtains. With bright colors get a much nicer atmosphere.

One last tip

Have fun with colors. But think also combine them with the different elements of the room. The winning trio: a color that dominates the room, a color that is less present, and touches of a third color to achieve harmony.