Whether metal, wood or PVC frames must be in harmony with the style of the interior of our house, bringing pragmatism, comfort and safety. Our advice for you to choose well.

Marcos?, What is this?

This is the set of elements that form the frame of a door or window. Know that disassemble can be full frames (around the entire door or the window) or partial. This can be so with two uprights, an upper crossbeam and sometimes a threshold. The frames constitute the molding and are always attached to the wall. Because frames give a look and style of the interior of your home, it is critical the choice of material that composes.

The choice of materials: something you should not neglect

all depends on the type of housing and the atmosphere there is breathing:

For classic decor: cocooning, or rather rural spirit chooses wood. This material, besides being very insulator accepts numerous types of finishing (lacquer, paint, varnish ) provided regularly spend some care. The steel , more design, it is first rate contemporary decorations, architectural or minimalist. The choice of steel frames is interesting for its robustness. As for PVC, is increasingly more around doors and windows. It is insulated and does not rot easily and also has the advantage of not needing any care and to be quite economical. Conversely, if you want to give a certain cache to your interior, forget it! As for the aluminum thermal break is tough, lightweight and fits large areas. Need little care but instead is quite expensive. Other criteria to consider: therm-acoustic performance of the frames. Indeed, they have to protect you while ensuring isolate noise well the cold. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist.


No particular standard!

Know that in private housing, no specific rules have to be respected. The choice of framework goes together with the door. Namely, front door or secondary:

* Front door of one sheet: 200×80 cm, 200×90 cm, 215×80 cm, 215×90 cm
* Front door of two sheets: 215×120 cm or 215×130 cm
* A secondary door leaf: 200×80 cm, 200×90 cm, 215×80 cm, 215×90 cm

The door and frame are both block-door. At the time of purchase, shims are inserted between the door and the frame for there to be play and avoid rubbing during operation. These wedges as well as the slats that hold the uprights of the frame, but can not be removed when the block is recessed-gate. size is marked by the dimensions of the door. For the total size of the block-door, add a few inches. Note: the overall dimensions vary according to the models and manufacturers. There 4 door widths, namely, 0.63 m, 0.73 m, 0.83 m and 0.93 m. actual thickness is 40 mm, but can be found old standard doors 34 mm thick in some houses of suppliers. This allows not only the door to change. door height varies by model. Ideally, ask a clerk at the store.